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Greg Wallace, a white man wearing glasses and lying on a bed of red roses covering his topless chest. Holding two bunches of roses in both hands.

We created a picture story that recreated the iconic American Beauty bed of roses image, with Gregg Wallace as our face of the campaign. 

We researched consumer behaviours and attitudes towards Valentine’s Day.

Gregg Wallace, a white man wearing hat and coat holding a bunch of red roses to give to people for free on the streets of London.

We then hosted SMARTY’s Cost of Loving pop-up along the Southbank, where our Cost of Loving florist Gregg Wallace handed out 3,000 free roses to passers-by. 

The campaign achieved almost 150 pieces of coverage across print and online, over 2,300 likes on Gregg Wallace’s Instagram, and was hailed a ‘Creative Hit’ by PR Week.