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We de-coded Scotch and educated employees in a fully immersive, interactive, digital-first way that comprised virtual tours, global broadcasts, tasting sessions and incentives.

Scotch Unleashed became the top trending topic internally in Diageo, reaching 10,000+ employees across 28 countries. 

Targets for visits to the internal hub were smashed by 150% and targets for sign-ups to internal comms were broken by 330% in 2021 – forcing Diageo to re-evaluate what success can look like for internal campaigns.

What’s more, the record-breaking campaign directly led to a 3% volume increase for Scotch at Diageo. 

“Scotch has well and truly been unleashed here in Diageo! We faced a challenge – how do we ignite passion and excitement for Scotch amongst our staff in order to help drive sales? Working with Smarts, Scotch Unleashed was launched and quickly skyrocketed to being the number one engagement campaign across the business. We reach thousands of employees with each activation, and couldn’t have done it without the creativity and dedication of the team involved”

John Williams, Global Head of Scotch, Diageo