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We created the ‘O-Zone’ using the ‘O’ of Openreach as a fantastic portal to connect what Openreach did and the everyday situations they did it in.

We transformed Openreach’s communication, shifting from technical jargon to a clear, engaging tone that speaks directly to everyday life, making their impact on our lifestyles unmistakably clear.

We simplified Openreach’s voice, ditching the jargon for clear, impactful communication that made their role in enhancing lifestyles clearer to everyone.

Tapping into the audio trend, we introduced Openreach’s first sonic brand. A sound that’s not just heard but felt, embodying the digital future of connectivity.

“Smarts delivered a complete refresh our brand identity, giving us bold and ownable assets, and a brand platform to position us brilliantly for the next decade and beyond.”

Scott Room, Openreach UK, Director of Brand & Digital