Johnnie Walker
Keep Walking

Johnnie Walker is the world’s best-selling Scotch. And it’s our job to keep it there. For over a decade we’ve been developing the brand’s global communications strategy, writing copy and coming up with attention-grabbing ideas. 

That’s meant making noise about Johnnie Walker showing up in the right cultural spaces – from Game of Thrones to Blade Runner. It’s meant giving bartenders things to say. Launching new products. Generating thousands of news articles and video pieces in hundreds of markets. It even meant encouraging 10 million people to pledge that they’ll never drink and drive. So Johnnie Walker is still the world’s best-selling Scotch. And it Keeps Walking. 

Thank You

To all our friends and collaborators at Johnnie Walker, Starpower, Rizer, Butterfly Cannon, Bloom, CSM, POP Brixton, BarChick, Tasty, Hunter, Anomaly and everyone else who have made all of this work and more possible.

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