Our research for Bosch revealed more than a quarter of Brits avoid walking their dogs to skip the clean-up. So to launch the brand’s new 2-in-1 vacuum, we joined TV presenter Helen Skelton in Battersea park with our 3m high mega-mutt, made up of over 300 old mop-heads and a realistic “wet dog shake” to show that the Unlimited 7 Aqua makes it easy to spend more time playing with our pets than cleaning up after them.

The Giant Animatronic Sheepdog was spotted in London’s Battersea Park on a ‘walk’ with TV’s Helen Skelton, as research reveals Brits avoid walking their dogs to skip the clean-up

The mega mutt was showing off in Battersea Park, including head shaking and barking – ‘walked’ by TV presenter and animal lover Helen Skelton. 

Created by Bosch to launch its first 2in1 cordless vacuum and mop, the Unlimited 7 Aqua, the giant animatronic dog is made up of over 300 old mop heads, and measures 2m x 3m. Made from a metal skeleton, foam muscles and realistic mutt movements, including the renowned ‘wet dog shake’, Mop took 2,000 hours to create and sends mud flying in all directions. 

Mop’s day out comes as Bosch’s research reveals Brits are wasting 12 days a year cleaning up after pets.

I hugely relate to the fact that Brits feel they are wasting time cleaning up after them – we love them dearly, but they are messy. I’m really pleased to be involved in this campaign to tackle some of these time-sucking activities and give parents even just a little bit of time back for themselves.

Helen Skelton

Cleaning up foot and paw prints is disliked by a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents, with the same figure revealing they forego dog walks to avoid the muddy mess. Sorting the mess pets and children make were listed as one of the more frustrating time-sucking tasks making 53 per cent of Brits feel less productive than they’d like, with 35 per cent of Brits want to spend less time dusting and polishing, 29 per cent less time vacuuming and a fifth less mopping.